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We look for an Investor/Partner. We are looking for $300.000usd to $500.000usd and offer 15% pa. We pay out every month!
We are able to organize it for you. We can get you Subsidies, Finance up to 100% and more. To contact us in this matter click here.

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Consign Your Classic

We know classic and exclusive cars, and we know how to sell them. Come to our indoor showroom in Prague, Czech Republic, and take the hassle out of selling your classic car. We handle the advertising, negotiating, financing, selling, expert advice and delivery. As one of the Region's top consignment dealer of classic, exclusive and collectible cars, we'll make it easy. Alone on our 4 mainpages where your car will be advertised we have a monthly average of 15.000+ visitors.


Items to bring in with your vehicle at time of consignment:

In Case you would like to bring your Car to our Showroom for display we would like in addition to these requirements, that your car be clean, complete, and in solid operating condition. If needed, we offer several detailing options to make the vehicle ready for display. Our staff will keep your car clean and perform minor maintenance such as charging batteries and inflating tires as needed.


The cost to consign your vehicle with us starts at €99,-. That's it! We do not charge any additional fees. Our profit is generated by selling your vehicle for a reasonable amount over the agreed upon value you ask for.

If you're interested in taking the hassle out of selling your classic, exclusive or collectible car, email us at consignments@thefuriousinc.com or call us +420 775 732 580 for Czech, Slovak and Russian and +420 775 732 581 for German, English and Italian.